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Exclusive interview with Dr. Bernd Dallmann

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Dr. Bernd Dallmann, Chief Executive of the Freiburg’s Economic-Journey-Exhibition Development Agency, received an interview from the 2014 World Green Design Forum. He talked about how he was deeply impressed with the city in clean and tidy as well as its beautiful sightseeing. He also answered our questions about the futural development of the healthcare industry in Yangzhou.

The interview record of Dr. Bernd Dallmann is as followed:

Interviewer: Dr. Bernd Dallmann, it is nice to meet you. First of all, could you tell us how do you like Yangzhou?

Dr. Bernd Dallmann: It is my first time to be here, and I am very impressed by this beautiful city. Actually, it is a very quiet place as it is not very big and quite delicate with green waters and trees surrounding around. I can see people living here agreeably. I believe they must enjoy the beautiful scenery in this city. I have to say, your urban planners really did a good job.

Interviewer: We all have been looking forward to your coming, and what brings you to Yangzhou?

Dr. Bernd Dallmann: I am here to take part in the WGDF Yangzhou Summit and I mainly work on building green cities just as what I said in my speech at the main forum. Apart from that, I am expected to visit Guangling District. I have my own views about the investments of healthcare industry in Yangzhou and I am also considering about some potential cooperation.

Journalist: Specifically, what kind of healthcare industry do you prefer? For instance, elderly care or medical industry?

Dr. Bernd Dallmann: In fact, I have heard a lot about Yangzhou before my arrival here. Actually I paid a brief visit to the Slender West Lake Park and the downtown area. And I find that due to the government’s successful urban planning, Yangzhou is now a city with unique features and people here are living in a distinctive “slow” life style, which is perfect for elderly care and medical industries. Meanwhile, we know that Touqiaozhen in Yangzhou has enjoyed a great reputation as “a land of medical devices” with backing a lot of medical device producers. As a sunrise sector, there is a lot of room for growth. So as far as I am concerned, our upcoming healthcare industry cooperation is in conformity with the local government’s industry planning, and it could potentially bring about a medical training organization for skills development and education. I believe this branch is going to be a new source of economic growth for the whole city and we are looking forward to its great success in the future. Because a well-structured pool of talents who are equipped with diverse medical skills will foster the sustainable growth of the healthcare industry in Yangzhou.

Interviewer: when you talk about the training organization, do you mean that it is going to be a large-size medical training school?

Dr. Bernd Dallmann: Not exactly. My observation here is just the first phase of the project. Yangzhou leaves me with an excellent first impression, but specific planning and studying are more important including detailed researching in the preliminary phase and building of special training agency in the later stage. The project is expected to establish a comprehensive platform rather than a single-function one. We are going to do further relative exploration.

Along with his colleagues, Dr. Bernd Dallmann visited the scenic area and older sections of the city in order to set up healthcare industry in Yangzhou. For more on the continuing stories of the project, remember World Green Design Forum is your source online.