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Congratulation letter from POLE ECO-CONCEPTION

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Text of the interview of Christian Brodhag (video)

I thank you for your invitation to this very important meeting on ecodesign.
I especially thank
• Counsellor of the State Council of People's Republic of China

• Former Secretary-General of Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) of People's Republic of China

• President of China Renewable Energy Society (CRES)

• Honorary President of Dragon Design Foundation

• President of World Green Design Forum

I thank also Mr.  ZHANG Qi
• Chairman of DDF Dragon Design Foundation

• Vice-Chairman of DDF Dragon Design Foundation

I introduce myself, I am the professor at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, I spent recently four years in charge of the French policy of sustainable development to the Prime Minister, and I chair presently the Pôle Eco-conception a cluster on ecodesign. As I could not attend this important meeting Diarra Kane will present you more precisely our activities
Eco design has now left the pioneering stage for a large dissemination. The aim is no longer to focus on a niche market but clearly to change the mainstream market. There are, and there will always be, innovative companies creating value by product differentiation or the creation of new markets. But all companies can today start by aiming at operational efficiency, which enables to cut costs and decrease risks.
By setting the framework of a ten-year program on sustainable production and consumption, the Rio 2012 conference confirms the move towards greener industries and markets. Integrating environmental criteria, and more generally speaking sustainable development, will be a condition to the access to public and private markets.
SMEs not only should not stay away from this move, but due to their flexibility and reactiveness should take the lead to meet the society and markets’ expectations.
The Eco-design Center and Life Cycle Management is an association of industries which deals with the diffusion of best practices in product development including the environmental and, more broadly, the sustainable aspects.
The main activities of the Pôle Eco-conception are: market studies, research, dissemination of knowledge, transfer, training  and publishing
At the national level, we are the resource center of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in France. It is in this context we manage a network of more than 50 relay centers able to operate throughout the territory. This action is recognized by the French government and we receive support from ADEME - the French agency for the environment.
At the European level, last November, we founded the European Network of Eco-design Centres (ENEC). It has a major aim  to support  European companies   on  sustainable development, efficiency and competitiveness matters thanks to the development, dissemination and application of knowledge in the field of eco design and life cycle approach.
The network is an open platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences on the best practices ( policies, tools, services, case studies…) on all aspects of eco design. This ranges from the development of regional policies to their implementation in industries and schools. The network co-develops projects on common issues to make sure Europe remains in the lead for boosting demand in eco design.

Internationally, we have trained and create partnership in Canada and Colombia, and we are working to develop new partnership especially in Mexico and Tunisia. So we are much opened to develop cooperation with China : exchange on knowledge and tools on the basis of an international network.